200tons chemical tank transported by Vessel Deck with 11 Axle Lines Modular Trailer V8 from GO HEAVY TRAILER

Project Introduction:

This chemical tank is 200 tons weight, 23m long, 5.21m wide. At Bayuquan Port , Xin Yao heavy transportation company carried out all port services including stevedoring, lift plans and crane hire. Xin Yao company was also responsible for discharging the cargo from the hold of the vessel on to its hydraulic modular trailer model V8 (Nicolas Type) vessel deck, which are produced by GO HEAVY TRAILER.

Equipment Mentioned:

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Who Made The Modular Trailer in This Project?

GO HEAVY TRAILER specialized in manufacturing heavy transportation equipment, like Modular Trailer, SPMT, High bed and Lowbed trailer. 

Manufacturer: GO HEAVY TRAILER

Delivery Date: 80 days.