3 files hydraulic modular trailer model V3 completed transportation of 200 tons transformer in Kuwait

Modular trailer split version manufactured by GO HEAVY TRAILER from China 5

Project Introduction:

SHBC, the most famous transport company in Kuwait, who completed the transportation of two units transformers this time. The transformer is 200 tons weight, 9.2m long, 3.8m wide. And 4×4 Axle Lines combination (3 files) was used to finish this project.

Congratulations to the team, you’ve accomplished this job successfully, what a remarkable achievement!

PS: This 3 files combination modular trailer reminds me some happy time with the members in SHBC, which we did after sale service together.  Mr. Rajesh, RIP.

Equipment Mentioned:




More Details

Modular Trailer


8 Axle Lines

Modular Trailer Split Version


4 Axle Lines

3 Files Herder


1 Unit

2 Files Herder


2 Units

3m Tow Bar


1 Unit

Who Made The Modular Trailer in This Project?

GO HEAVY TRAILER specialized in manufacturing heavy transportation equipment, like Modular Trailer, SPMT, High bed and Lowbed trailer.

Manufacturer: GO HEAVY TRAILER

Delivery Date: 80 days