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Process & Technique

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The manufacturing of trailer from GO HEAVY TRAILER can be divided into eight major processes, including the following: 01 cutting, 02 forming, 03 welding, 04 machining, surface treatment, painting, assembly and debugging.

Cutting Technique

Using laser cutting, fine plasma cutting and CNC flame cutting for various specifications of steel plate feeding, using sawing bed for profile cutting feeding.

Forming Technique

GO HEAVY TRAILER adopts large milling machine, cow head plane and groove robot to process various welding groove, which is an important prerequisite to ensure the welding quality; adopt suitable bending machine and oil press to bend and mold various workpiece.

welding Technique

GO HEAVY TRAILER mainly uses carbon dioxide gas protection welding for finished product. Large components with professional tooling, advanced welding plane or robot welding; key weld inspection (flaw inspection) to ensure welding quality to ensure the structural strength and service life of key components.

machining Technique

Production workshop from GO HEAVY TRAILER equipped with various types of lathe, milling. Drilling machine, boring machine, grinding machine, processing center and other advanced processing equipment, can ensure the processing of various parts. For the frame body, door frame and other large structural parts, equipped with a special plane for processing, can effectively ensure the key size of the product, and the production efficiency is higher.

surface treatment

The production workshop from GO HEAVY TRAILER can be shot blasting treatment. The rest according to the design requirements, outsourcing for electroplating (galvanized, chrome-plated, galvanized ferroalloy), electrophoresis, electrostatic powder spraying and other processes.


GO HEAVY TRAILER has a complete painting production line, using electrostatic spraying process to paint the parts. Using primer, medium coating and finish paint three coating system, can effectively ensure the anti-corrosion quality of coating. At the same time, careful surface protection of parts to ensure that the products after painting.


GO HEAVY TRAILER uses the advanced flowing water assembly line for assembly. The tightening machine, torque wrench and other equipment are used to strictly control the assembly torque, conduct careful cleanliness management of hydraulic hose, steel pipe, etc., and build an advanced electrical wiring harness production line to strictly make the electrical wiring harness.


GO HEAVY TRAILER prepare detailed testing procedures for detailed product debugging and troubleshooting treatment, to ensure that the product is fully verified before leaving the factory, so our customers can use the product at ease.