Vietnam’s largest onshore wind power EPC project, the 155MW fan was lifted

Project Introduction:

The lifting of 155-MEGAwatt wind turbine in Cong Long Township of Vietnam Calais Wind Power Project, the largest onshore wind power project in Vietnam designed and constructed by China Energy Construction, has been completed.
Calais Wind Power project is located in the west of Gongzorao County, Calais province in south-central Vietnam. The site is about 125 kilometers from the nearest port, Quy Nin Port, and about 100 kilometers from Calais provincial capital, Polai Gu. The site is about 400 to 450 meters above sea level. The project consists of two wind farms, Yang Trung (Yangzhong Township) 145MW wind farm and Cho Long (Chunlong Township) 155MW wind farm, with a combined capacity of 300 MW. The project is the general contract of EPC, a consortium composed of China Energy Construction Guangdong Institute, Shanxi Institute and Vietnam IPC Company, and the construction of Zhejiang Thermal power construction project.
Learned, jia wind power project is completed, expected power generating capacity of 900 million KWH, effectively alleviate the power shortage in Vietnam, and promote the construction of local infrastructure, directly or indirectly create nearly thousand jobs for local people, will be to Vietnam national energy structure transformation and economic and social development play a positive role.

Equipment Mentioned:





Wind Blade Trailer

3 Axles

3 Units

Wind Blade Trailer

4 Axles

6 Units

Who Made The Wind Blade Trailer in This Project?

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