Model V98 LA

2.45m Wheelbase customized for Brazil.

Model V98 LA - Customized for Brazil


Modular Trailer Model V98 LA is designed specifically for heavy load transportation in Brazil and other South American countries, with wheelbase 2.45m and high bending moment and robust structure. Its axle load can reach 34 tons at a speed of 0.5km/h. It is mainly used in road transportation, field transportation and project site.


  • Longitudinally and laterally combinable bogie module
  • Box-shaped center frame with integrated air and
    hydraulic oil tanks
  • Pendular wheel sets mounted onto the chassis by
    means of ball bearing slewing rings
  • Hydro-pneumatic gas accumulator suspension
  • Hose rupture safety valves on all wheel sets
  • Hydro-mechanic two-circuit all-wheel force steering
    integrated into the chassis
  • Steering by one pair of frame-integrated cylinders
  • Two-line all wheel air brake and spring-loaded parking brake


Modular Trailer Model V98LA generally includes below accessories.


View the most striking features in our trailer, you’ll surely find something you love.

01. Secure

High bending moment

Reinforcing the main beam, the admissble bending moment has been optimized and increased.

03. Convenient

Tested fixing and lashing material

All fixing and lashing material which has been tested and approved by official authorities.

02. Durable

Reinforced lamellar coupling

The reinforced coupling fins will counteract quick wear, make the trailer more durable.

04. Efficient

Easy accessible steering rods

Unrestricted access to the steering rods ensures easy assemble and disassemble.