A series of advanced technologies are adopted by SPMT, including the electronic control hydrostatic driving system, Electronic synchronous control hydraulic lifting system, all-wheel independent steering, hydraulic leveling frame and 3/4 points support technologies…

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SPT is a of combination of PPU, drive axles and standard hydraulic module trailer. Compared with SPMT, SPT also uses hydrostatic drive technology to provide power for drive and steering through PPU, making the trailer ideal for on-site transportation of chemical, smelting and…

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The Modular Trailer

For long distance road transport of oversize and abnormal load cargoes, such as steel structure, power generator, transformer, gas turbine, steam turbines, windmill parts(wind blade, wind tower and wind nacelle), petroleum vessels. Widely used in construction…

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The Extendable Trailer

The extendable trailer is primarily used for transportation of lengthy goods within 180 tons, such as locomotive, concrete box beam, wind power generating equipment, enjoying wide application prospects in the filed of special transportation. We could offer 6 to 10 axles extendable…

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The Wind Energy Trailer

Wind energy sector has been one of the fastest growing industries in the world for the past few years. The energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies has spurred on its development. Recent technological advancements have led to constant increases in the efficiency of …

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The Conventional Trailer

With super low platform, the trailer could go through bridges, tunnel easily, especially for the construction, commercial and agriculture fields. General products such as lowbed trailer, flatbed trailer, container high bed trailer and so on. Our company can supply 3, 4, 5, 6 and other…

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