Solution for super long cargo transportation.


The extendable trailer primarily used for transportation of lengthy goods within 180 tons. Such as locomotive and concrete box beam, as well as wind power generating equipment. No doubt enjoying wide application prospects in the filed of special transportation.

Its functions contain hydraulic lifting &steering, gooseneck lifting and lowering, and extendable platform. What’s more, its flexible steering and good buffer performance make transportation safer.

Specifications of Extendable Trailer,

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Features of Extendable Vehicle,

Robust Structure

The raw material of the extendable trailer we use is Q550 high tensile steel, which tested and certificated by SGS.

For example a 10 axles extendable trailer, its rated load capacity is 150 tons. But when we do the heavy load test, it can lift over 180 tons.

10 Axles Extendable Trailer Heavy Load Test

Robust Structure can bear more heavy load.

Extendable Beam suits for more cargoes.

Extendable Beam

Extendable up to 50m with a high payload.

Economic and flexible solution to a multitude of different transport tasks. Such as wind power plants (tower segments, generators, rotor or turbine blades)

Hydraulic Suspension

The platform (lifted by hydraulic suspension) can securely positioned and loaded at different heights without mechanical locking.

It enables the loading of gooseneck even for machines with low ground clearance.

Hydraulic Suspension makes the platform more stable.

Steerable Axle makes it more flexible.

Steerable Axle in Extendable Vehicle

Equipped with steering axle, it is easy to steer even in tight spaces.

For example, there are 8 units steerable axles in 10 axles extendable trailer.