Solution for oversized cargo transportation.


For long distance road transport of oversized and abnormal load cargos, such as steel structure, power generator, transformer, gas turbine, steam turbines, windmill parts(wind blade, wind tower and wind nacelle), petroleum vessels. Widely used in construction, engineering, oil refinery and other related industries. Each hydraulic modular trailer module could be connected end to end(longitudinal combination) and side by side(latitudinal combination), to finish various tough and enormous transport job that mechanical suspension trailer(conventional) can not make it.


01 Security

Robust structure and first class spare parts ensure transport safety.

02 Load Capacity

With hydraulic suspension, max load capacity up to 45 tons per axle.

03 Flexiblity

Thanks to hydraulic steering, its max turning angle up to 55 degrees.

04 Compatibility

Compatible with various brands like Goldhofer, Nicolas, Cometto, Shceuerle.


Popular Models,

Model V3

(Goldhofer THP/SL)

Model V4

(Nicolas MDED)

Modular Trailer Model V6

Compatible with Cometto

Modular Trailer Model V8

The most Economical

Accessories for modular trailers,