Modle V3

Fully Compatible Goldhofer THP/SL


Modular trailer V3 Goldhofer is designed for heavy load transportation, with high bending moment and robust structure. Its axle load can reach 45 tons at a speed of 0.5km/h. It is mainly used in road transportation, field transportation and project site.

It can fully couple with Germany Goldhofer THP/SL.

45 tons/axle line @0.5km/h

S690 high tensile steel

1,175±300 (600mm stroke)

215/ 75R17.5   8tire/ axle line

±55°    In all height


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Advantages of Modular Trailer V3 Goldhofer,

High bending moment on the market

By reinforcing the main beam, the admissble bending moment has been optimized and increased. So our modular trailer offers the high bending moment for high load reserves. We also optimized height of the main beam. In such way, it make a robust and durable construction with high bending moment, high concentrated load bearing capacity.

Reinforced lamellar coupling

The coupling fins on modular trailers from go heavy trailer have reinforced. As a result, it counteracts wear of the fins, which caused by the steering movements of the vehicle. What’s more, the reinforced fins of Modular Trailer stabilizes end-to-end coupled vehicle combinations when driving bends.

High oil tank volume

Modular trailer manufactured by GO HEAVY TRAILER has an oil tank integrated into the main beam frame. For example, one 6 Axle Lines Modular Trailer has oil volume of 220 litres. It enables the operation of transport combination up to 25 Axle Lines without an extra tank.

Easy accessible steering track rods

Unrestricted access to the steering track rods ensures easy assemble and disassemble. Without the need for laborious threading of the track rods. Depending on the configuration, only one end of the track needs to loosing for relinking in a loaded state.

Tested fixing and lashing material

Modular Trailer comes with fixing and lashing material which approved test and accepted by official authorities like CE certificate. The lashing rings can use for load securing and crane loading of the vehicle. The hole pattern for the side-by-side coupling elements have not changed, therefore existing equipment can also in use.

End-to-end, Longitudinal coupling parts and hydraulic pins

The mechanical end-to-end coupling of two vehicles performed via a hydraulically lockable lamellar coupling.

Fully Coupled with THP/SL

Why our products so strong and durable.

Accessories for modular trailers,