Rack & Pinion Electronic Control Steering.


A series of advanced technologies are adopted by SPMT, including the electronic control hydrostatic driving system, Electronic synchronous control hydraulic lifting system, all-wheel independent steering, hydraulic leveling frame and 3/4 points support technologies. SPMT manufactured by GO HEAVY TRAILER can realize carpooling transport load, and other system functions like driving, lifting and steering could be realized by CAN bus connection microprocessor controlled unit.The SPMT has high mobility, flexible steering and low requirements for the use of the environment. It is especially suitable for the equipment transfer on the engineering site and the long and short distance transportation of segmentalized and large total sections. It has been widely used in the shipbuilding, petrochemical and Marine engineering module manufacturing process, which can not be replaced by other means of transportation.



48 tons/axle line @0.5km/h

4 tons/ axle line

S690 high tensile steel

1,500±350 (700mm stroke)

365/ 65R15   4tire/ axle line

120KN per driving axle line

+130° / -110°    Rack and pinion

-40°C to +50°C

Our SPMT Features,


GO HEAVY TRAILER is the first SPMT researcher and manufacturer in China. Our SPMT is designed in accordance with the European CE standard, using S690 standards steel.


Walking system, Lifting system, Steering system, Braking system, Controlling system, Combination principle meet EU standards.


Our SPMT can achieve more than 95% of the functions of Scheuerle SPMT prototype. Increased focus on display, optimizing the man-machine dialogue and input and coordinates.


The layout and function of the hydraulic valves are totally same with Scheuerle.

Our SPMT Advantages,

01、New frame construction

Through finite element analysis(FEA), the frame structure design and manufacturing process were optimized, and 6.7 tons of lifting lugs were added on both sides. The rigidity of the frame is close to Germany Scheuerle.Under the situation of two point concentrated load(full load), the deformation of the frame is 16mm more than Germany Scheuerle.

02、Split steering mechanism

With original split steering mechanism, the whole manufacturing cycle of SPMT can be greatly shortened. It not only ensures the reliability of steering mechanism, but also solves the problem that steering mechanism of Scheuerle SPMT cannot be repaired quickly because of the deformation of box body.

03、Same quick coupling model and layout

The brand, specification, quantity and layout of hydraulic quick couplings are totally same as Scheuerle SPMT. Electrical harness can be used interchangeably with Scheuerle.

04、Lift proportional valve set with three-stage safety valve

The FIRST manufacturer who uses lift proportional valve set with three-stage safety valve in China. Equipped with integrated type hydraulic lock, the main oil circuit cut-off valve, hydraulic lock control oil cut-off valve, it make the lifting operation safer and more stable.

05、Enhanced hydraulic tank

Strengthening hydraulic tank structure, it won’t be damaged easily when PPU is working. Increasing the hydraulic tank volume, one PPU can drive 40 axles SPMT. Adding oil suction filter, hydraulic oil impurities dropped, improve the life of hydraulic components.

06、Open pump pressure distribution system

For the open pump, there are 4 different pressure control, 200bar, 280bar, 310bar, 360bar. Open pump pressure distribution system can distribute the pressure rationally of the support system, steering system and brake system. So the pressure of each hydraulic system does not interfere.

07、Walking buffering system

The walking buffering system of the SPMT can effectively reduce the damage to the walking motor caused by high speed brake.

08、Optional filled tires

The first pneumatic tire filling process in China, the filling material is same as Scheuerle. When loading 12.5 tons, the subsidence of tire 43.2mm is close to Scheuerle SPMT .

Our SPMT Records,


Max Cargo weight

Guangdong Petrochemical Residual Liquid Extraction Tower: Weigh  4370tons (size 116.075×16.5×16.8), carried by 158 axles SPMT.


Max Single axle load

Ordos Coal Liquefaction Reactor: 36 axles side by side combination with 2 PPU, local load reach 40tons/axle.


max distance in single time

Lianyungang Satellite Petrochemical Project: Single transport distance reach 19.8km.


Max distance in single day

Lianyungang Honggang Petrochemical Project: Transport distance in single day is 50km.


Max quantity of axles driven by single PPU

Guangdong Petrochemical Project: Single PPU connect 40 axles SPMT.

Our SPMT Applications,