Rack & Pinion Electronic Control Steering.

A series of advanced technologies in our Self Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT). For example the electronic driving system, lifting system and all-wheel independent steering, hydraulic leveling frame and 3/4 points support technologies.

It can realize carpooling transport load. Besides, through CAN bus connection microprocessor controlled unit, SPMT can realized driving, lifting and steering.


01 Security

Robust structure and first class spare parts ensure transport safety.

02 Load Capacity

With hydraulic suspension, max load capacity up to 45 tons per axle.

03 Flexiblity

Thanks to hydraulic steering, its max turning angle up to 55 degrees.

04 Compatibility

Compatible with various brands like Goldhofer, Nicolas, Cometto, Shceuerle.

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Popular Models,

MODEL S2.43 | scheuerle

MODEL V5 | scheuerle