modular trailer carried 360t transformer

Project Introduction:

Modular trailer carried 360 tons transformer. GUANGDONG LIFT ENGINEERING MACHINERY CO.,LTD undertakes the transportation of 13 units of transformers and their accessories. They carried them from Qinhuangdao Branch of Baoding Tianwei Baochange Electric Co., LTD to Zengcheng Zhongdao converter station in Guangzhou by land and water. 

The first transformer was picked up at the Qinhuangdao manufacturer on July 18. One Benz tractor + 12×3 working hydraulic full trailer + one Benz tractor was used to transport the transformer from the workshop to the Harbin power dock, and then loading it onto the 1200 ton cargo ship by a 750 ton gantry crane on the dock. On July 31, the transformer transport ship arrived at Xintang port smoothly. Then the company used two floating cranes and two cranes to unload and load the transformer.

modular trailer equipped with high girder bridge, road transportation vehicle
modular trailer equipped with high girder bridge, road transportation vehicle

There are two main difficulties in this transportation: first, the transportation distance is 2,958 kilometers, which needs water and land transportation. Second, the transformer is large in weight and size. The weight of the transformer is 360 tons, and the height is 5.1 meters. There are many restrictions on the transportation routes in The Guangzhou section, and many Bridges and height limiting along the way.

modular trailer equipped with high girder bridge, road transportation vehicle

After repeated calculation and simulation, the GDLIFT can meet the transportation requirements of Guangzhou section by using girder bridge transportation mode to reduce the transportation height and axle load.

By the efforts and cooperation of every division, the transformer finally arrived at the site of the middle channel DC back-to-back engineering project in the Greater Bay Area.

Equipment Mentioned:

Modular Trailer V3

16 Axle Lines
Couple with Goldhofer


power pack unit

Couple with Goldhofer

modular trailer equipped with high girder bridge, road transportation vehicle

girder bridge

400t capacity
Couple with Goldhofer

Who Made The Girder Bridge in This Project?

Manufacturer: GO HEAVY TRAILER
Delivery Date: 150 days
GO HEAVY TRAILER specialized in manufacturing heavy transportation equipment, like Modular Trailer, SPMT, High bed and Lowbed trailer.

Product Series:

GO HEAVY TRAILER – No. 1 special purpose vehicles manufacturer in China. Besides the multi axles hydraulic modular trailer, we can also supply SPMT, SPT, extendable trailer and other regular conventional trailers. For long distance road transportation of oversized and abnormal load cargoes, such as steel structure, power generator, transformer, gas turbine, steam turbines, windmill parts(wind blade, wind tower and wind nacelle), petroleum vessels.
Widely used in construction, engineering, oil refinery and other industries. Each hydraulic modular trailer module could connect end to end(longitudinal combination) and side by side(latitudinal combination), to finish various tough and enormous transport job that mechanical suspension trailer(conventional) can not make it.
  • Model V3 can couple with original modular trailer Goldhofer THP/SL.
  • Model V4 can couple with original modular trailer Nicolas MDED.
  • Model V5 can couple with original Scheuerle InterCombi.
  • Model V6 can couple with original modular trailer Cometto.
  • Model V8 is the most economical choice!