Wind blade trailer

Wind blade trailer adopts the pulling structure to increase total length. Which can extend from 21m to 55m (even longer).

The trailer equipped with hydraulic steering system, and it will make the steering more convenient.

Considering the stability and the length of the windmill blade, the rear axle adopts air suspension system, drawing and pulling the longitudinal beam freely, with good trafficability.

When full length of trailer exceeds 60 meters. It would have three or four axle balance type, remote control power steering, and a mass balance block is installed between the front and rear leaf springs, which can change the deflection of the front and rear leaf springs equally and balance the force on the front and rear axles.

Description: 4 Axles Wind Blade Trailer
Length: 22 m to 56 m
Weight: 21 tons
Steering angle: 46 degs
Payload 60 tons

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