Modular Trailer Goldhofer 16 Axles in Action

Project Introduction:

Modular trailer Goldhofer 16 axles in action…

GO HEAVY TRAILER feels so glad to join in and become the vehicles provider of CIHI during this transportation. The project was completed over a period of two months and included the movement of a 360 tons generator and installation.

The cargoes were shipped from the port of Shanghai, where GO HEAVY TRAILER and Sany Crane coordinated the offloading operations and land transport to the project site.

All road surveys, permit approvals, execution plans and schedules were prepared in-house prior to job execution. And GO HEAVY Trailer helped organize all activities with minimum delays.

In a word, thanks for every’s effort to this project, and the modular trailer Goldhofer model well done. We made a remarkable achievements. 

Modular Trailer Goldhofer 16 Axles In Action
Modular Trailer
4 Axles In Action
Heavy Load Test

Equipment Mentioned:

Modular Trailer V3

16 Axle Lines
Couple with Goldhofer


Power Pack Unit

Couple with Goldhofer

Product Series:

GO HEAVY TRAILER – No. 1 special purpose vehicles manufacturer in China. Besides the multi axles hydraulic modular trailer, we can also supply SPMT, SPT, extendable trailer and other regular conventional trailers. For long distance road transportation of oversized and abnormal load cargoes, such as steel structure, power generator, transformer, gas turbine, steam turbines, windmill parts(wind blade, wind tower and wind nacelle), petroleum vessels.
Widely used in construction, engineering, oil refinery and other industries. Each hydraulic modular trailer module could connect end to end(longitudinal combination) and side by side(latitudinal combination), to finish various tough and enormous transport job that mechanical suspension trailer(conventional) can not make it.
  • Model V3 can couple with original modular trailer Goldhofer THP/SL.
  • Model V4 can couple with original modular trailer Nicolas MDED.
  • Model V5 can couple with original Scheuerle InterCombi.
  • Model V6 can couple with original modular trailer Cometto.
  • Model V8 is the most economical choice!